25 09, 2014

New Study Dispels Fracking Myths and Reveals True Contamination Culprits

As hydraulic fracturing, also known colloquially as “fracking,” has become more prevalent in the use of shale drilling across the United States, worries of ground water contamination due to domestic crude production have been at an all-time high. Residents living in close proximity to shale wells have reported various contaminations of their water supplies, most […]

8 09, 2014

Why Shale Oil Won’t Bust Any Time Soon

Every revolution has its doubters, and the shale revolution is no different. For each of the shale boom’s enthusiastic supporters, there is an equally enthusiastic naysayer claiming that it will bust tomorrow and come crashing down. To make matters worse, there is little concrete data with which to measure the boom’s trajectory, and objective analyses […]