25 05, 2016

RAM Modular Provides Refuge for Victims of Alberta Wildfire

The inferno that has displaced over 90,000 Canadian residents in the past month continues to rage on in regions of Alberta, Canada. The wildfire, referred to by local authorities as “The Beast” has lived up to its nickname as it’s torn through over 2,000 square miles of territory, jumping rivers and and leveling structures in […]

9 05, 2016

Hotel Aries: Man Camps Compare to Luxury Accommodations

When one hears the term “man camp”, many things come to mind; among them, a commune of middle-aged men perpetually fishing and grilling, a trailer park of men, oilfield housing, etc. At Aries, we bring a more luxurious connotation to the traditional man camp.

During the recently declining oil boom, Aries Residence Suites filled this niche […]