When one hears the term “man camp”, many things come to mind; among them, a commune of middle-aged men perpetually fishing and grilling, a trailer park of men, oilfield housing, etc. At Aries, we bring a more luxurious connotation to the traditional man camp.

During the recently declining oil boom, Aries Residence Suites filled this niche of “man camps” by providing high quality temporary and extended stay housing for oil field and contract workers. However, as the oil industry continues to fluctuate, Aries is expanding their horizons beyond catering just to the oil field.

This transition into more conventional accommodations is a natural one, considering that Aries already offers most of the amenities found in traditional hotels including full kitchens, WiFi, housekeeping, and in some locations satellite TV, conference and computer rooms, recreational facilities, and more. Plus, Aries Residence Suites serves up hot, homemade meals and offers a touch of home you’re hard pressed to find in your average chain motel.

So next time you’re comparing lodging prices for your upcoming trip, give Aries a call; chances are, we’ve got what you and your wallet are looking for. Read more about our hotel-like amenities here, or call 1-855-657-7773 to check rates in your area.