These days, most people feel hard pressed to find a square deal. You always end up paying for what you don’t use with hidden fees, over-the-top features and other nonsensical upcharges. What happened to the simple way?

Well, have no fear. Here at Aries Residence Suites, we believe that less truly is more. Whether you’re looking for extended stay or temporary housing, you’ll pay for exactly what you get – and not a penny more. No expensive mini fridge peanuts, no extra charges for Wifi, and no “fresh towel fee”.

We stick to the basics: hot meals, warm beds, clean rooms, and outstanding service. Sure, you’ll find some awesome amenities at many of our locations (such as recreational facilities, flatscreen televisions, and community events) but we don’t believe in charging extra for bringing you a little bit of home.

Check out all the reasons why Aries keeps it simple here, and consider booking your next stay with us. Get what you pay for. Love what you get. Simple.