Want to know the one thing all profitable companies that need workforce housing do?

They choose to work with nearby workforce housing providers, saving money on transportation costs to and from the work site.

Hotels and motels are the typical go-to for a bed and shower away from home. However, for workforce crews working away from home, this is not always the best option.

Housing their employees in nearby workforce housing is critical for companies in industries such as offshore drilling–industries that require extended periods of work away from home.  In addressing workforce housing, companies must factor in transportation and lodging costs for the whole crew. The fees add up quickly, often putting companies under a huge financial burden.

Fortunately, the primary focus of workforce housing providers, such as Aries Residence Suites, is in addressing these issues and helping energy companies both time and money..

Transportation to and from the work site is particularly challenging for industries that involve work at very remote locations. Workforce housing units are often strategically placed near the work site, or available for quick installation upon order.  The closer the housing units are to the work site, the less total transportation costs for the company.

Remote housing close to the work site is also highly beneficial because it gives workers time back for rest and recuperation. If after a 12-hour work day, workers must endure an hour-long drive to a hotel, fatigue is likely to set in and workers may have to sacrifice sleep.

Workforce housing units, also referred to as “man camps” are designed with work crews in mind. The focus is usually on creating a “home away from home,” with all the same amenities of a hotel, and then some.

Companies looking for the best option for housing their workforce, should look no further than the industry that focuses primarily on keeping crews well-taken care of.

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