Aries Residence Suites celebrated the grand reopening of their workforce housing lodge in Goldsmith, TX at the end of last year. The decision to hold an open house event was largely in response to the unmatched success of the West Texas oil industry. With plans being laid to increase Texas’ total rig count and experts predicting a record high of oil production for 2018, Aries recognized the opportunity to remind the public of their “well beyond” philosophy in workforce housing.

The Goldsmith Lodge location has been packed with workers seeking reprieve from long days on the rig since the grand reopening.

Our residents are happy!

Workforce housing is an alternative to hotels, with a greater focus on maintaining a “home away from home” feel. The staff at Aries’ Goldsmith, TX lodge is doing a great job at achieving that feel, as reflected in a recent testimonial: “I am so happy to stay at the man camp instead of a hotel, your staff is so friendly”, stated a recent resident. Others shared these sentiments, complimenting the “caring, friendly crew”.

Since “man camps” are often primarily used for a specific population (i.e., work crews), the staff make it a point to ensure the experience is worry-free and conducive to relaxation and comfort, as these factors are extra critical when working long, hard hours.  Aries is happy to see these efforts are fruitful: another resident stated that staying at Aries eased the daily headaches, gave him peace of mind and allowed him to focus on what he was there to do, work.

What other benefits can you and your workforce enjoy from workforce housing? Hearty meals for hard workers, for one. Forget those continental breakfasts that never look as good as the advertisements. Stay at Aries’ Goldsmith, TX lodge and refuel with real meals, meals that will not leave you wanting more after working all day (or right before starting your day). Our residents consistently compliment the burgers, breakfast and attentiveness of the Aries’ kitchen crew.

West Texas Oil Industry

The Permian Basin continues to establish itself as the nation’s leading oil producer. To say the least, business is good for the west Texas oil industry. According to the Dallas Morning News, in February 2018, the total production of the Basin showed a steady increase for 17 consecutive months.

The momentum doesn’t appear to be slowing anytime soon. The oil production giant, Concho Resources, Inc. recently bought out the independently operated oil company, RSP Permian, showcasing the area’s appeal for big business.

Increased demand for oil = increased need for adequate workforce housing

The demand for oil is expected to continuously increase for the next five years, with west Texas as a primary player in
meeting that demand.

Close, convenient and adequate workforce housing can make all the difference in worker productivity and mental and physical stress. Choosing workforce housing for your crew will also save transportation costs and time.

The lodge in Goldsmith, TX is designed and managed with your crew in mind.

Aries Residence Suites Goldsmith Lodge

The camp, covering 10 acres, encompasses 184 total beds (144 single beds). The lodge is a full service facility, featuring a locker room/mudroom, recreation and theater room, and gym. Cleaning and catering, laundry services, and kitchen services are provided. Check out our online brochure or contact Aries today at 1-855-657-7773 to experience the convenience and cost savings of workforce housing!