As oilfield workers continue migrating to North Dakota, the city of Williston continues to push for the eradication of local temporary oilfield housing – something oilfield workers depend on. Tensions are on the rise as man camp residents fear they will be forced to seek accommodations that are either unaffordable or undesirable.

The city believes that temporary workers should seek living in motels or apartments, neither of which offer the kind of amenities – like hot meals, laundry and cleaning services, etc – which oilfield workers depend on, and which Aries Residence Suites is accustomed to providing.

Williston is attempting to boost their local economy by pushing out established man camps, but experts, such as one owner of a modular housing company in the area, don’t think too highly of the strategy. “The rotational workforce has been around for decades and decades, and Williston is not going to change that. They’d be better off trying to figure out how to capitalize on the rotational workforce than to try to change them into permanent residents.”

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