As we come to the close of 2016, we can look backward at the leaps and bounds that workforce housing has taken…and we can look forward to 2017 and all the great progress that is beginning to take shape. The big oil debate has changed the shape of how workers live, work, and play ‘on site’ in their home away from home.

Going into 2016, North and South Dakota had a booming oil community where workers struggled to find decent living quarters. As thousands of workers came to work for an unestablished amount of time, housing — and all the services that putting up housing — became a focus. Aries Residence Suites came to the rescue with high quality workforce housing and extended stay accommodations. These long-stay modular units were so nice, workers could now bring their families with them. Not only were these extended stay options a step up from a ‘tent camp’, but they offer all the amenities workers and families need like internet, television, on-site staff for maintenance, furniture, and even a cafeteria.

With things dying down, these portable units can be relocated as needed; the whole point of modular unit housing. Some of the homes from Bakken were then sent to Missoula, Montana to be used to relieve the housing market and offer affordable housing. They will be placed on permanent foundations there

Because homes like THIS can be built efficiently and cheaply, places like Oahu are taking notice of long-term modular housing. Many places are turning to temporary modular housing units to give people a leg up until they can become self-reliant. Cities are working around infrastructure that is already in place, so modular housing that can be easily worked into an existing city footprint are an ideal option. Tapping into water and sewer lines and using companies like Aries Residence Suites that offer turn-key solutions offer communities that can go up quick.

As cities grow, communities change, and housing options and housing inventory get smaller, modular housing is growing in popularity. If you are thinking about temporary residences, sign up to download our free ‘Choosing Modular’ booklet for more information on the types of modular building Aries Building Systems can help you with. (And receive our quarterly newsletter as an added perk!) You can also give us a call at (888) 995-2971 or shoot us an email at